Business Grade Desktops & Laptops?

You get what you pay for.

Professional systems designed to perform

Computers are essential for the smooth running of any modern business. Every hour that your I.T. slows you down directly impacts on staff productivity and stress. By investing in modern computer equipment, you can take advantage of recent advances in technology which help productivity and reliability. When recommending a computer system for your business we factor in: – Your budget – The usage scenario of the PC / Laptop – Would an upgrade be more cost effective? (We can do this too!) – Do you need software and or files migrated to the new machine? – What is the machine going to be doing, and who will be using the computer? – How can we minimise the down time while replacing or upgrading the system – Your warranty requirements (Most of the computers we build / sell have 2 or 3 year warranties included. (Onsite warranty / parts replacement) – Examine your whole “network” if something is slow .. WHY? Can we uncover a hidden problem? Complete “drive away, no more to pay” solution and quote. From planning to installation you’re covered. |PC|Laptop|Monitor|Keyboard & Mouse|Webcam|Tablet|etc.