Protecting your data is a smart investment.

Recovering data from a single hard drive can cost thousands of dollars. Crypto virus, ransom-ware and other attacks are getting smarter at destroying local backups. Currently many companies must put faith in their staff to complete regular manual backups. Take the risk out of the process with SolveITAll online backups.

Set & Forget

Backup your data with a company you trust. Online backups are fully automated and maintained by us.

Fast Setup & Recovery

Initial backups are made on site and transferred to our servers. The set up process takes hours – instead of weeks. Data can be recovered quickly and easily.

We Own The System

No external services or hardware are used. The entire backup chain is owned and operated by us – there is no 3rd-party access to your data.

Fully Encrypted Backups

Our service features advanced security options that can protect anybody from accessing or reading your data – even us!

Pay only what you use

With SolveITAll’s online backup you only pay for the data that you use – not the number of devices you protect. It is only $30 per terabyte, plus a once-only $200 setup fee.

Protect What Matters

Solve IT All’s online backups are suitable for medical, financial and legal companies who require absolute confidentiality and data security.

Get In Touch

Contact us today to enquire about any of our services. We’d love to hear from you.