Slash your phone bill by up to 80 percent

We offer Voice Over IP PBX systems and phone systems that allow you to manage your communication effectively, be it an on-premises system or an online cloud-based solution. With these systems, you will be able to set up communicaton methods for both your staff and your customers, boosting productivity. We sell market-leading PBX systems.

Voice Over IP, PBX Phone Systems

Easy Install

Solve IT All are trained to install and configure your PBX system. We will handle the setup process, allowing you to continue working at full speed. Our PBX software runs on windows or in the cloud and comes ready to work with popular devices, letting you skip the hassle.

Freedom Of Communication

Solve IT All’s PBX system gives you complete freedom to configure your system. VoIP phones allow your staff to stay in communication wherever they work, making your business responsive and easy to manage.

Portable Extensions

Our PBX includes interfaces on phones and laptops, allowing users to keep and use their office extension wherever they go. Call from anywhere, without giving out your personal mobile number.

Reduce Your Phone Bill

SIA’s PBX phones are able to leverage SIP trunks, webRTC and free remote extension calls, and can reduce your company’s usage of regular phone lines. These abilities combine to slash your phone bill by up to 80%

Easily Manage Your System

Our PBX provides easy management of your entire phone system throughout your network. It uses browser-based configuration, giving you easy access to the settings when you need them. Software updates are automatic and interoperability is guaranteed.

Virtual or Server-based Installs

Our PBX is entirely software based, allowing it to run in a virtual machine or on existing company servers. There is no need to insert another machine into your server room – simply install and go. This means you can have one phone, or 100 without updating your equipment.

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